Born and raised in Venezuela ,where I earned my law degree, practiced my profession for more than nine years in public and prívate sector. I moved and settled with my family in Mia1ni ,where I got involved ,vith the fascinating ,world of investing in Real Estate in South Florida.

I followed this path that has given me the necessary tools to visualize and analyze the needs of each individual or family group in order not only to fínd the home of your dreams but also the ideal place for you and your family to join a community and become part of it.

Today, I am part of a team, The Carolinas which for me has been a unique experience to join forces with 1ny colleague and friend to provide personalized service to our customers, I specialize in housing residential family in the purchase, sale and rent of same.

I invite you to get not know and ,work with us. It is a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to guide and advise you about real estate in South Florida.

Thanking you in advance for the opportunity to serve you.